Made in Door County

Buy things made right here on the Peninsula while keeping more financial resources in the community by spending locally. Everything from dog biscuits to multi-million-dollar yachts… Made in Door County!

Antiques and Resale Shops:

Beauty and Body Care Products and Services: acupuncture, body products, hair, massage, nails, spas, wellness

Boatbuilders and Restoration, Sailmakers:

Breweries and Wineries:


Catering and Fine Dining at individually-owned and operated restaurants:

Food Locally Grown or Manufactured: bread, cakes, CSA memberships, cookies, eggs, herbs, honey, maple syrup, pies, vegetables

Bakery Goods
Candy stores
Canned or Processed
Meats, Poultry and Fish locally raised or caught

Learning Opportunities: lessons in cooking, art, dance, voice, piano and guitar or classes at the Clearing, NWTC or YMCA,

Art Classes
Cooking Schools
Dance Classes
General Education
Martial Arts
Music and Voice Teachers
Personal Growth
Yoga Classes

Local creatives: books, CDs, crafts, fashion wear, fine art, jewelry, photos, weaving

Authors, Poets and Publishers
Graphic Design
Marketing and Public Relations
Web Design and Hosting

Museums and Attractions:

Musical Instrument Makers, Repair and Tuning:

Performing Arts venues and organizations: season passes and tickets to stage plays and concerts

Live Entertainment
Music Festivals
Theater Arts

Pets and Pet Supplies: