Door County Buy Local Seeds Begin to Sprout

Editorial Comment:

By Roger Utnehmer President and CEO

The Door County Buy Local Initiative is provoking thought and positive discussion. More people are aware of the potential to fuel our local economy to higher performance. The educational campaign is having the additional positive impact of stimulating discussion about other local initiatives that can also benefit Door County. Giving local, volunteering local and hiring local are also important. Donating time and money to local charities, volunteering with local non-profit organizations and hiring local residents for public and private positions are all positive community-building actions.

Other opportunities to work together include vacationing locally, learning locally, growing locally and engaging in government and politics locally by running for office or joining a local political party. The opportunities for good people to do great things locally abound.

To focus on what we can do together is not xenophobic, isolationist or narrowly parochial. Buying locally, giving locally and volunteering locally require no government programs. Vacationing more locally, hiring locally and learning locally require no tax increases. Growing locally and getting involved in civic affairs and politics require no bureaucracy.

The Buy Local Initiative is planting seeds. Some have already grown into more sensitivity to giving and volunteering locally. Let’s work together and expand a sense of “being in it together” and Door County will become an even better place to live.

That’s my opinion. I’d like to hear yours.

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